US PATENT NO. US 9,121,662 B1

How We Got Started

Rack-it LLC began it’s journey in March of 2013.  The story behind the concept began many years ago..

Having grown up with a father who was completely paralyzed on one side gave me a full understanding of the limitations that many people face on a daily basis.  These limitations not only affect the normal physical functions required to exist but also the emotional, mental and spiritual realm that is often overlooked/concealed with-in.

The Rack-it slide assist device was designed with this in mind: To help eliminate those limitations in order to allow a person the opportunity to have a sense of overcoming and equality

Rack-it LLC has every intention of expanding it’s “home based” origins to meet and exceed the social consumer demand.

We have taken careful consideration in our research and development to bring you a quality product with-in a price range that is affordable to all.

It is the drive, goal, and promise of the Rack-it family to meet each and every obstacle along the way, hand in hand, with you.

To say that this is all there is and will ever be, would be the same as saying “I can’t”, and we choose not to accept that!

Philippians 4:13