US PATENT NO. US 9,121,662 B1

I am 63 year old female.  Several years ago I had a arm injury that left me paralyzed for four months.  During this time I lost a lot of strength in my hands.  With the Rack-it slide assist device, I am able to rack and use the gun easily.  I LOVE IT!!!  Without it I would be defenseless in an emergency.  I think the Rack-it slide assist device is a wonderful tool for anyone without the strength to rack a gun.  
----Linda M. from Virginia

I am writing this in order to give my personal opinion of Mike Love's invention of the "Rack-it slide assist device". As a 50-year-old woman who has no experience with firearms,l wanted to learn how to use my husband's pistol mainly to aleve my fear of having it in the house. I have had a mild tremor in my hands for at least 15 years and poor hand strength, so my greatest obstacle in using a pistol was being able to rack it. Mike gave me one to use and asked for my feedback, both positive and negative. On the positive side, it only took me about three attempts to learn how to use it and once I did, it made racking the pistol very easy because it was using the pressure of my hip instead of just the strength of my hands. The only negative aspect was that it felt bulky under my clothing. If I carried a handgun on a regular basis and could wear a jacket to hide it on my hip, I would definitely use the product.
----Tammy B. from Virginia

Great product Mike. I also grew up with a father who had physical limitations. I watched rheumatoid arthritis take away many of the things he once enjoyed and made them no longer possible. The RACK-IT slide assist device would have been great for him. Bottom line….. If you don’t need this product, enjoy and be thankful for your health and strength. But if you do need it, it can open up a lot more opportunities to enjoy the shooting sports. Thanks again for a great product.

----Sam C. from Va.

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This is an excellent product for the perfect idea. Thanks for all you do. Doug C from MD.

Thanks for all your kind help very much. I really look forward to receiving my black Rack-It slide assist device belt clip 5/8 inch model, for after suffering a hard fall on a church's parking lot some time ago I suffered a stroke on my left side which they said was caused by my tearing my right carotid artery in the fall. I still cannot use my left hand so this will be a big help to me. Willie R from KY
 How excited we are to own our Wall-mounted Rack-It slide assist device! We have been following you guys for a long time and were so pleased to recently get our own.
Gun ownership is fairly new to us and as we've adjusted to learning everything for safety and usage of it we found that I didn't have enough strength to rack the gun.  I thought, that's okay I'm never going to use it without someone around to help me. Well low and behold I was home alone one night and thought I heard an invader.  I got the gun out and loaded the magazine but was not able to rack it at all. I think walking around with the gun in your hand but not cocked is rather think?
Well, let's just say I'm prepared now.  I have my Rack-It slide assist device mounted in just the right place to be ready with a 'loaded' gun next time (hopefully there will not be a next time).
It's simple, quick and effective for what I need and I thank you for the opportunity to own one!  It is awesome to have that 'security'!
Rhoda B from Virginia

Dear Mike,

I received the belt-clip Rack-it in the mail yesterday, and I am very impressed.  What a handy gadget!  I don't have trouble racking my slide right now, but that could change with an injury, or as I get older.  I have already recommended your product, and sent your website to five of my friends, two of whom I am sure will be interested because they do have trouble racking their slide.  I told them this is just the thing they need.

Thank you for your innovative product!- Don C. of NV

…..We were using a Smith & Wesson 9 mm VE, my wife was using the belt clip 5/8 rack-it and had no difficulty with it whatsoever. I was using my Jericho 941 in 9 mm and had no difficulty racking the slide with the device (5/8). I was even able to rack my Magnum Research 45 Baby Eagle with it although it doesn’t properly fit do to its slide inside the frame design. William S.  from Va.

Hey. I got the rack-it a little while back. Thanks again.I took it over to family Easter dinner today. Everybody could use it to lock back the slide on an empty gun, regardless of age, sex, or hand strength.

As a healthy guy in his 30s, it seemed questionable to me at first... but after seeing older women use it as intended to work a gun that they thought they would never be able to handle, I'm a firm believer now. (anonymous supporter)