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Welcome to the

 “Coast to Coast”


This program is designed for individual retail, On-Line, customer participation only.

Wholesale vendor purchasing and discounts will not be considered/awarded in this participation.

Participation “Discount” will be limited to maximum order of 4 products.

Rack-it LLc will list the 50 States Abbreviations on the Home page of the On-Line Store. Abbreviations will be deleted as awarded.

Upon verification of awardable states, customers are asked to submit participation e-mail to BEFORE ordering, to receive the promotional 20% discount Coupon code.

E-mail must include your name and your State. NOTE: billing address AND shipping address must match the State of your order.

Rack-it LLc will award discount code, with-in 24hrs, to first e-mail received per state based on time and date stamp of email.

Customer will have 24hrs, from time of issuing, to redeem discount code, after which, code will become void and recipient will forfeit their Winning Status.

Rack-it LLc will then issue another discount code to the next e-mail received for the applicable state.

Winning customer agrees and gives Rack-it LLc the permission to post their name, only, with their state to its social media networks.     i.e.: D Counts, VA.

Thank you for your participation, your purchase and allowing us to be at your service.